Different email service providers have introduced different latest features. Gmail service is not exceptional at all. To sync with present requirement and work pattern they also introduce different latest features for the users.They know , that if the users stopped receiving new facilities then they will lose customers. But their responsibility is not just introducing latest facilities. They give full guidance to the users. They are aware of users’ knowledge. To save their valuable time, they give full-fledged training. Through Gmail help phone number they response to the users’ queries. Users can dial this helpline number whenever they face trouble.

Gmail technicians know there is high chance to make mistake during using any new feature for the first time. But they always encourage the users through Gmail help phone number. Some users may get stuck during applying new features but they should scare or feel ashamed about it as technicians never mind to repeat their advices and tips for them.These latest features are discussed below-

  • Using undo send option-

Now people won’t have to repent over sending any unwanted mail. As they can control it by using ‘’undo send’’ option. If they are less confident about this option then they can dial Gmail customer service number.

  • Using Smart replies option-

Now users can use intelligent touch button. If they turn on this button then they will be notified about important emails. They have full freedom to turn off this button. It will save huge time. Users always prefer this option.

  • Using email snoozing-

Another latest feature of Gmail service is snoozing. By using this option users will have more compact email lists in their inbox. If they see any mail needs a lengthy reply then they can use this ‘’snooze’’ option to reply later. Users have full freedom to choose the time when they want to give reply. After pressing ‘’snooze’’ button, the mail will hide itself and appear again on the chosen (chosen by the users) time.

  • Using Nudges option-

By using this feature users can give the responsibility to choose important mails by the Google. Gmail artificial intelligence will help them to get notification about unread and important mails are waiting in the inbox. Gmail will help them completely.If they are unable to understand how to use this option then they can dial Gmail contact number and ask the technicians.

Gmail Help Phone Number

  • Using confidential mode-

Gmail users can use this option while composing any mail.They can click on lock or clock icon makes that mail confidential mode. Users have full freedom to set the expired date .After a certain time, it will be inactive. Recipients will see ‘’an expired message’’ after expire the date. Users can control of the number of the recipient of this email. Technicians are always there to help them out.

If the users still face any trouble or have some other queries then they can dial Gmail help phone number. It is open for 24×7 hour basis.Technicians are reachable through this toll free number.There is no call drop issue.Technicians are ready to negotiate with the service charges and timeline.Old users and new users always get equal attention from Gmail technical team.They never compromise with the service quality. Users can depend on them whenever it requires meeting deadline.

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